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What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as  child and spouse maintenance.

  •   Ahmed Khalil just completed my parents estate planning, which consisted of 1 trust, 2 pour over Wills, 2 health care directives, and 2 power of attorney forms. Ahmed and his entire team were knowledgeable, professional, honest, courteous and patient. My father has a serious medical condition and they worked with our schedule, particularly when we had to reschedule appointments with them due to doctor appointments. Ahmed, AJ, Yesenia were so easy to work with, and approached this entire difficult topic with ease. Ahmed was incredible and I will def refer him to all my family and friends.

    thumb Sireen S.

      Ive never really dealt with a lawyer before and honestly I was scared he wouldn't be able to help me through my situation with my landlord but boy was I wrong. Im so happy I chose Khalil Law group. Ahmed and his whole staff was amazing very efficient , professional and proactive. He explained everything to me in detail and let me know what to expect and how to handle it. They were always available and very understanding and most of all Honest! He gave me his honest opinion and he never once just treated me or my situation like it didnt matter. He negotiated things for me when I thought it was all over. Im forever in debt to you Mr. Ahmed Khalil and me and my son appreciate it so much !! I would recommend Khalil Law Group for any of your needs. Thank you so much.

    thumb Monet P.
  •   Mr Ahmed Khalil at Khalil Law Group, APC was a breath of fresh air. We all know that attorneys have a generally bad reputation so I definitely approached this situation with a tremendous amount of pessimism. I was wrong (at least as it pertains to Ahmed Khalil). He was an absolute shark for me, always returned my calls and made himself available to me whenever possible. When he wasn't available the entire staff at Khalil Law Group was wonderful. After a bad car accident, I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer and law firm. If you have any legal issues, I recommend you call Khalil Law Group and ask for Ahmed Khalil. I am forever great full to them.

    thumb Alireza M.

      Ahmed Khali was recommended to my by a friend of mine after my car accident. You are just driving past Costco on a Sunday minding your own business and bam a lady pulls out of nowhere! I totaled my car, all the airbags went off, and I suffered whiplash and herniated discs and leg contusions. He handled my medical claim and PI case with the utmost professionalism and experience. I trusted his expertise wholeheartedly. The process took a year, but I always received updates every couple weeks or every month depending on the process in negotiation. Ahmed and his assistant were very proactive and responsive the entire time and always easy to reach if I had any questions. The biggest fears about trusting a lawyer is, are you just another file in the stack, or are they too busy for you, or do they know what they are doing. And I never felt that way. I trusted him to do what he was good at and get the best settlement for my needs, so I could focus on getting back to work and focus on what I was good at. I am forever grateful for the work he did on my settlement and couldn't be happier. Thanks again!

    thumb Sarah P.
  •   I came to Mr. Khalil for a personal injury issue a few months ago. He was very professional and made me feel very comfortable with the entire legal process. Mr. Khalil was very insightful, thorough, and diligent with my case. What absolutely sets him apart is that not only does he do whatever it takes to meet his client's needs. I also appreciated the fact that he was always up front with me and gave me a realistic outlook of my case, rather than over promise like most lawyers do. He was always available for any questions that I had, and was quick to update me with anything pertaining to my case. He is truly a fantastic lawyer, and I'll definitely be referring friends and family to him.

    thumb Ali J.

      After sustaining an injury, I had no clue how to proceed with filing a claim so I turned to Distinct Law Group's stellar lawyer-Ahmed Khalil. Mr. Khalil handled everything and made sure to communicate with me along the way. I felt that he truly cared and was an incredible advocate for me! I walked away with a settlement that I am happy with and I owe it all to Mr. Khalil's great work! I would highly recommend Mr. Khalil and he is now my go-to attorney!

    thumb Sara Z.
  •   I hired the Distinct Law Group and Ahmed Khalil to represent me in two lawsuits. Mr. Khalil handled my cases professionally, efficiently, and effectively. There was no doubt Mr. Khalil knew the law, knew how to handle opposing counsel and, more importantly, listened to how I wanted the cases to resolve. He was always available for questions and concerns, and ALWAYS addressed them graciously.

    I would recommend Mr. Khalil to any of my friends and family.

    thumb Bridget K.

      Look no further for your legal needs. They are truly professional and friendly. I've had a chance to work with 2 of the lawyers and both took the time to hear the full story and give me advice that wasn't only going to create "billable hours". Sincerity isn't usually a strong suit in the law game so this was very meaningful. Highly recommended to handle a wide range of topics as well. I've asked for things across the board.

    thumb Kerem O.
  •   I contacted Mr. Ahmed Khalil with the Distinct Law Group at the recommendation of a family friend regarding a real estate deal gone wrong. He is nothing short of excellent! He was quickly available for a consultation over the phone. I was incredibly anxious going into conversation, but he talked me through the process of what to expect and really calmed my nerves. While the legal matter is still pending resolution, I have full trust in him to resolve it favorably.

    I would 100% recommend him to anyone that needs help with real estate problems. Very knowledgeable, professional, and reassuring.

    thumb J G.

      I am soooooooooooo happy that we were introduced to distinct law group.  We have done work with them with real estate and business law.  Mr. Khalil is very professional and incredibly prompt, both things are very important to us.  He is a man of integrity and everyone at DLG is attentive to our needs and follows up.  His representation of us is exactly what we were looking for and we expect to work with Mr. Khalil long term.

    thumb Nedda K.
  •   I have had the chance to work with Distinct Law Group, and more specifically, Mr. Ahmed Khalil, on a number of occasions now. He has helped my family for our Wills and Trusts, and has also aided assisted a colleague of mine in a Workers Compensation case. From all my dealings with Ahmed, I find him extremely helpful and insightful. What undoubtedly sets him apart though - at least in my eyes - is that he is truly willing to go the extra mile for his clients. I absolutely intend to go to Ahmed for my future needs and regularly refer him to my friends. Highly recommended!

    thumb Rami H.

      I have come to know Ahmed and the Distinct Law Group through mulitple professional and personal settings.  He is a man of integrity and will provide you with the best care for your individual needs.  He has great knowledge and experience in his field of expertise.  His staff is wonderful, accommodating and available to answer all of my questions.  I would not hesitate to refer my friends or family for any medical-legal services needed.

    thumb Hasan B.
  •   My family has worked with both Nina and Ahmed for our Wills and Trusts, and we wouldn't consider working with any other attorney. I have referred numerous friends and relatives for a variety of cases including personal injury, workers comp, family law, and the feedback I always get is how grateful they are to have met an attorney they can trust has their back. They are straight forward, honest, extremely knowledgeable and will take the time to truly listen. I know any time I am referring a friend or need legal assistance myself, I am in good hands.

    thumb Lay T.

      I worked with Ahmed and Distinct Law Group in a situation where the new owner of my building was attempting to unlawfully kick all tenants out. It made me extremely comfortable to have Ahmed working side by side with me to make sure the process was clarified and that I fully understood my rights.  He made me feel confident that we had all the leverage in the situation.

    Once the landlord was contacted by Ahmed, the intimidation tactics being used immediately stopped.  Through Ahmed, we were able to negotiate terms that not only benefited me, but improved my overall quality of life. I am forever grateful for the attentiveness, professionalism, and overall kindness of Ahmed and the Distinct Law Group.

    thumb Nate M.
  •   I was in a car accident that left me with injuries to my back and stomach. After getting absolutely NOWHERE with the dueling insurance companies (mine included), I reluctantly hired Ahmed Khalil and Distinct Law Group. Let me tell you, this was the BEST decision I could have made. Ahmed and the entire team at Distinct Law Group were extremely helpful in making sure I was getting the medical attention I needed. They also did a great job of keeping me in the loop as to how my case was progressing and what each step would entail. I am so happy I found this law firm and would recommend Ahmed Khalil to everyone and anyone. If you need a personal injury attorney, call them. Do not delay out of fear or reluctance.

    thumb Veronica S.

      Distinct Law Group and Ahmed were excellent. My relative was facing eviction in Orange County and the legal team and Ahmed took the case and impressed us with their knowledge and execution. He took the time to listen to my needs and was realistic with the costs and outcomes we were facing. He successfully achieved the outcome we were looking for and put in the extra work to get this done and give my family justice. Thank you, Ahmed. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone facing landlord-tenant issues in and around Orange County.

    thumb Harmony H.
  •   Anyone that owns a business in Orange County or Southern California, needs to put Ahmed Khalil on their payroll. As a business owner, you run into so many issues. If running your business wasn't hard enough, try navigating the courts and the legal system without a knowledgeable and competent attorney. I have been using Ahmed Khalil and the services of Distinct Law Group for years and can honestly say that I could not be happier. None of want to hire lawyers, but the odds are that we will need to at some point. In that case, you better hire Ahmed Khalil. He is really good at what he does and takes amazing care of his clients. We highly recommend him and his firm.

    thumb Erik W.

      After being injured in a car accident, the last thing I wanted to do was attempt to negotiate with adjusters and set up a bunch of necessary medical appointments. After getting a recommendation from a good friend, I decided to follow up and meet with the car accident attorney, Ahmed Khalil, over at Distinct Law Group. Not only did Ahmed meet with me personally, but he gave me reassurance that everything was going to be ok and I was going to get the medical attention I needed and deserved. Even after that initial meeting, Ahmed Khalil was with me every step of the way, constantly communicating with me, and advocating for my rights. If you want someone that is ethical, empathetic, hard working and a complete bulldog, hire Ahmed Khalil and Distinct Law Group to represent you. Thanks Ahmed!

    thumb Brandon M.
  •   I have hired a lot of attorneys for various business related legal issues. No attorney has been as good as Ahmed Khalil of Distinct Law Group. Him and his staff are always there to take your calls, listen to what you need and schedule you for a consultation. Since I have met Ahmed, I have not even considered another attorney and don't plan on it any time soon. If you are a small business owner in Southern California, call 714-546-4600 and ask for Ahmed Khalil. You will be happy you did!

    thumb Jason H.

      Couldn't ask for a better law firm. 10 Stars for helping me with my property dispute. Ahmed Khalil is the best. Honest, dependable, realistic and knowledgeable. If you need an attorney hire Distinct Law Group and ask for Ahmed Khalil, Esq.

    thumb Brandon A.

Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases.

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