How to Choose a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

How to Choose a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you are a pedestrian who suffered an accident in Orange County, CA, you need a skilled pedestrian injury attorney in your corner. Choosing a pedestrian accident attorney is an important decision that may determine the outcome of your claim and the amount of compensation you receive. So how do you choose the best pedestrian accident lawyer for your needs?

The following seven tips will help you hire the right lawyer after your pedestrian accident.

1. Choose a Locally Based Pedestrian Accident Attorney

A local personal injury lawyer will often handle your case in a more accurate, attentive, and region-oriented way than state- or nationwide personal injury law firms.

A personal injury attorney who focuses on your town or county knows how local courts work and what specific traffic regulations may be relevant in your municipality. Your attorney may even be familiar with the accident scene and build your claim based on similar cases that involved the same location.

2. Select a Law Firm With Experience Handling Pedestrian Accident Cases

Like other personal injury cases, pedestrian accidents have their unique legal aspects. Not every personal injury attorney has sufficient knowledge of pedestrian accident law.

The right lawyer should be able to demonstrate plenty of experience in pedestrian accident cases and provide open, honest information about settlements they had recovered for injured pedestrians with cases similar to yours.

3. Browse Reviews of Personal Injury Lawyers in Your Area

As you research law firms in your area, check out their online reviews and see what their clients have to say. An overall rating is important, but you should also look for detailed feedback regarding the lawyers’ work process, efficiency, transparency, and courtroom skills. Do former clients state that they had recovered a fair settlement? Did the lawyer handle their claim process in a timely manner?

One tip: most businesses will have an occasional negative review, and lawyers are no exception. However, beware of lawyers with several reviews that point to a consistent issue, like lack of attention or unrealistic promises.

4. Hire a Lawyer Who Knows How Insurance Companies Work

Dealing with insurance company representatives is a key part of every pedestrian accident claim. Your lawyer should know how to present relevant information, like medical records, to support your claim.

The lawyer should also be able to negotiate with insurance adjusters and protect you from any dishonest insurance company tactics, like attempting to downplay the extent of your injuries.

5. Select a Lawyer With Trial Experience

While most pedestrian accident cases end with an out-of-court settlement, some cases go to trial, either because settlement negotiations fail or because the injured person decides to file a civil lawsuit against the offending motorist.

Because you don’t know in advance how your case will progress, it makes sense to choose a pedestrian accident lawyer with proven courtroom success. Look for a diligent lawyer who knows how to source and use evidence like photos from the incident scene, the police report of the accident, and witness statements to build a powerful case.

6. Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer Who Offers End-to-End Legal Support

After your injury, you need to focus on recovery. Your lawyer should act like the trusted legal representative who handles all the aspects of your case, keeps you in the loop, and makes time for all your questions and concerns.

Pay attention to your gut feeling as you interview lawyers. Does this lawyer come across as approachable and motivated to take on your case? Would you feel comfortable working with them and the rest of the law firm staff?

7. Look for Honesty and Transparency When You Choose a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

While everybody hopes for maximum compensation when pursuing a claim, it’s important to have a realistic picture of what you may expect. Beware of any attorney who makes exaggerated promises or asks for an upfront fee.

An honest lawyer will let you know how much similar cases settle for and give you a detailed breakdown of expenses that your settlement may cover, like medical costs and lost wages. Also, if you share some of the fault for the incident, the attorney will explain how comparative fault would affect the amount of compensation you may claim.

Khalil Law Group: Trusted Personal Injury Attorneys for Your Pedestrian Accident Case in Orange County, CA

If you’ve suffered a pedestrian accident in Orange County, you may be dealing with serious injuries, emotional distress, and overwhelming medical bills. During this trying time, you need legal support from an experienced lawyer with a stellar track record of representing pedestrian injury cases.

At Khalil Law Group, we protect the legal rights of pedestrians and their families in Orange County. We have helped many satisfied clients negotiate fair compensation after pedestrian accidents.

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